AeroQuad Shield – Assembly

This post has been delayed for a few days because I was awaiting my replacement BMA180 Accelerometer breakout board.  I had soldered in the gyo and other components, but held off on this final post until I’d got it all finalized.  The short story?  It works!  Read on for a couple of pics and comments.

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ArduinoISP-Shield – Prototyping

As discussed in my last post, I intended to make up a prototype shield in order to supply three main functions - ICSP programmer, breakout to allow ICSP programming off-board, and FTDI serial input to allow comms with the inserted Atmel chip.  This post will discuss how I went with the schematics and breadboarding of the planned device.

The Schematic

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FT232R to FTDI-cable Adapter

I got myself one of Sparkfun’s FT232R Breakout Boards, but I didn’t get the basic version (whoops).  Now, the advanced version breaks out every pin of the FT232R, but it doesn’t have a direct pinout to an FTDI cable such as what the FT232R Basic supplies.  Oh, and it’s set by default to 3.3v, but that’s adjustable through a solder jumper.

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