Podman with KVM - A Gotcha

James Young · September 16, 2019

I recently put Podman on my KVM hypervisor, so I had a way of running containers alongside full KVM virtual machines. Anyway, I ran into quite the gotcha. Sometimes the Podman container storage doesn’t get unmounted fully when you destroy a container. And I found out why.

It looks like if you start a KVM virtual machine after you have provisioned a container, that KVM virtual machine holds the mount for the container storage locked in its /proc/PID/mountinfo, preventing the container overlay from being cleared properly.

The solution here is not exactly obvious, but you do this;

  1. Try and podman rm --storage CONTAINERID for the container that’s complaining. You will see a (very long) volume ID listed in there.
  2. Find a PID that has that locked with grep VOLUMEID /proc/*/mountinfo .
  3. That will likely correspond to one of your KVM virtual machines. Check with ps -ef | grep PID .
  4. Stop the VM with virsh shutdown VMNAME
  5. Now you can try the podman rm --storage command above again and clear out the container.
  6. Start your VM before restarting the container.
  7. Then start your container again.

Not exactly wonderful. Hopefully a better solution can be found.

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