Homemade HOTAS Desk Mount

I decided to make up a desk mount for my HOTAS, so that I could position the stick in a more natural location without having to gorilla-arm it.  The design is very straightforward – it’s a drill vice with a couple of pieces of steel bracket and soft-grip vice jaws to avoid marking the desk.  Total cost under $30.

If you want to replicate this, the spacing of the holes for the Warthog stick are 60mm apart, and are M4 metric screws.  Remember to leave enough clearance so you can push the stick the whole way forwards and not catch your fingers on the vice anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Homemade HOTAS Desk Mount”

  1. Hi James, I was wondering if this is still working well for you, I’m considering doing this myself. Could you be so kind to give me the measurements for the little square board that it is screwed to? Also, is there anything between the board and the stick or is it attached straight to the bottom of the board? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Sorry for the delay! The board will be whatever dimensions fits the bench vise you use – I cut it to fit that. It’s a bit longer than square, so that you have some hand clearance for when you’re pushing the stick forwards. The stick is screwed straight to the board – since the board is wood, it won’t make contact with anything untoward on the stick (the original plate is just steel after all). Use machine screws, not wood screws.

      It’s working great! I use it quite regularly, and it’s very convenient to just slide it across the desk out of the way. I am considering getting a stick extension, and if I do I’ll need to redo the brackets to have the stick lower down, but that’s OK.

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