Thrustmaster TARGET Scripts for X3: Albion Prelude

I’ve been messing about with getting back into X3 in the past few days, specifically with Albion Prelude.  I spent ages with Terran Conflict, back in the day.

I’m using a Thrustmaster Warthog (hue hue, thrust master!) throttle and stick, with Saitek pedals.  This manifests itself as three separate USB devices.  X3 has an interesting defect where it can only utilize one USB device as a controller (whoops).  Thrustmaster TARGET Script Editor to the rescue!

The above script has lines for every button and axis on the Warthog, and comments.  It’s currently customized for how I want to use the Warthog with X3:AP, and doesn’t have every binding in it yet I want, just the real basics.

Since I can’t (yet!) use pedals with it, I’ve bound roll to the “friction” axis on the Warthog (the lever on the right side of the throttle).

There’s some magic that happens with the throttle.  I’ve configured it to be forward-only throttle, so that the full range only drives your ship in the forwards direction with no reverse.  If you find your ship doesn’t come to a complete stop when it’s the whole way back, pull the speedbrake switch back and it’ll stop.  You can also pull the boat switch back to reverse.

To make some sense of how the bindings work, binding something to 0 disables it.  The list of keybindings you can find by looking at defines.tmh in your TARGET install folder, in the definition for ASCE.

When I work out how to do more advanced stuff like mode switching, I’ll include that.

7 thoughts on “Thrustmaster TARGET Scripts for X3: Albion Prelude”

    1. Likely much the same thing, you’ll just need to change the Configure lines to include the T16000 and exclude the Warthog, and change the button definitions to match the buttons that the T16000 has, findable in C:\Program Files (X86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\scripts\defines.tmh, in the T16000 Interface section.

  1. Good evening, I have x3ap and I just bought the T16000 + throttle option. Unfortunately I don’t really understand much about source codes and scripts. Can I ask you to help me with my problem in a more “beginner friendly” way?

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    can you please explain what to do to have this working without pedals – just Warthog stick + rudder? When running the script I get this error (Error:(internal) cannot associate a filter with the selected USB HID device “VID_044F&PID_0404”) after which the script stops (Error:Script run timed out!).
    I only have basic knowledge about scripts…

    1. Easy, find all the lines that have TFRPRudder in them and put // at the beginning of the lines. That will comment them out so they don’t do anything.

  3. First, thank you for making this script. Does this work for terrran conflict too? And does it now work with the TRRPR pedals> It looks like that is in the script.

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