Legacy Nagios checks with CheckMK

James Young · March 23, 2016

I’ve recently started converting my old Nagios installs across to using CheckMK.  As part of this, I have a collection of old Nagios checks that I want to be able to use verbatim in CheckMK as legacy checks.  Here’s how you do that.

After you create your site using OMD, go into the site with ‘su - '.  Then, edit etc/check_mk/main.mk and add something like this;

legacy_checks = [
  ( ( "check_solar!250!100", "Solar Output", True), [ "inverter" ] ),

extra_nagios_conf += r"""
  # 'check_solar' - Checks status of solar array
  # ARG1 = Warning level
  # ARG2 = Critical level
  define command{
    command_name check_solar
    command_line $USER2$/check_solar $ARG1$ $ARG2$

Now, put your script (in this case it’s check_solar) into local/lib/nagios/plugins/ .  What’s going on here is this;

  • Define a legacy Nagios check calling the command check_solar with parameters 250 and 100.  The check will have a description of Solar Output, outputs performance statistics, and will be assigned to the host named inverter.
  • Define a chunk of legacy Nagios config defining the check_solar command.

Then, go into your inverter host, edit services, and the manual service should appear.  Save config and you’re done!  Pretty easy.



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