Planetside 2: ESF Tutorials

James Young · December 12, 2013

In the past month I’ve discovered Planetside 2, a free-to-play MMOFPS which has Australian servers.  They’ve recently put out a huge game update which dramatically improves performance and that’s what made me give it a go.  Anyway, once I got over the incredible chaos and the very frequent dying (fortunately the death penalty is pretty well zip), I found I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been wanting to learn to fly the Empire-Specific Fighters (ESF) in it competently, with a view to making that my primary activity.  Specifically, the Reaver.

So, following is a list of resources that I’ve come across which have been very useful.  I’m still terrible, of course, but practice makes perfect…

  • Hader’s ESF Tutorials - A collection of various tutorial videos for how to perform various maneuvers and how to cert up your ESF to make it effective.  Volume levels in the tutorials are very low, pump up your sound.
  • Learn 2 Fly ESF Blog - Blog all about flying ESFs.  Has some editorials and a lot of guides.
  • 7 Hover Fighting Tips - Short video with some key nuggets about maintaining and fighting while in hover mode.
  • LMSTV’s Flight School - A big collection of various ESF tutorial videos, even includes some podcast stuff.
  • Wrel’s Planetside 2 Guides - Not much here that’s ESF related, but it’s so useful I linked it anyway.

Check back here from time to time, as I come across new resources I’ll link ‘em up.

Now maybe I can stop piling into the ground in a stiff breeze…

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