DOTA2 Tutorial List

James Young · August 27, 2013

Thought I’d link a heap of DOTA2 learning resources and guides for people getting to know the game.  I’m still terrible, of course - don’t get much time to play, and I only play vs. bots right now.  Anyway, these are the links I’ve found;

  • Dota2 Alt-Tab Guides - A cheat-sheet of all the heroes, a suggested build and a bit of info about all of them.  This is great to use in the Steam Web Browser so you can get an idea of what you’re up against (or playing!).  I usually put these builds into the Build Editor so I can have them in-game without having to shift-tab all the time.
  • Official Hero Info - This is actually the info you get ingame, just in a browser.  You can use this page to edit your hero builds and review items and stuff without being in the game.
  • PurgeGamer’s Welcome You Suck - Good starting guide, gives suggestions on heroes to avoid and heroes to use when starting off.
  • Comprehensive DOTA Guide - Also a great guide.  Lots and lots of info.
  • DotaFire - Community website, has lots of builds, guides and a hero database.
  • DotaCinema - Youtube channel features a lot of great info.  Notably, the Hero Spotlights and the Learn DOTA 2 playlist.  Worth a look.
  • Creep Blocking - Quick howto about creep blocking.
  • Universal Item Guide - A good guide to all the various items.


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