New radio firmware for GT-i9305T with CM10.1

EDIT:  The new radio firmware didn’t stop my mdm_hsic_pm0 problem, but enabling data roaming has seemed to.  I’m definitely not out-of-country or in a position where data roaming should be a thing, so I’m not too worried about having it on.  However, turning it on seems to have immediately put a stop to the mdm_hsic_pm0 shenannigans.  Very strange, but I’m suspicious that doing so may have gotten around some kind of bug in the radio firmware.  More if I find out more.

There’s a new radio firmware available for the GT-i9305T (Samsung Galaxy S3 International, Telstra Australia variant).  The new firmware is coded UBBMB2, and can be downloaded from this thread at XDA Developers.

I usually avoid updating radio firmware unless there’s an actual need to.  In this case, my phone with the old DVALI5 radio on it was randomly blowing half the battery overnight, with mdm_hsic_pm0 being the top wakelock consumer (and having a wake time of half the time the phone was unplugged!).  This is typically associated with Fast Dormancy issues.  So, I went and updated the radio, and yesterday the phone only used an average of 0.9% battery per hour, with mdm_hsic_pm0 being a lower consumer and with a much, much lower proportion of wake time compared to run time.

In addition, for anyone using the official CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies for the GT-i9305T, keep in mind that the nightlies have changed over to CM 10.1.  This means if you’re using them, you should update your Google Apps install to the latest version too.  You can get them from here.

Note, updating both of the above items (gapps update, radio firmware) can be done without a factory reset, so you won’t lose your stuff.  But I still advise doing a nandroid backup anyway.

To update, just drop the ZIPs onto your SD card, boot up into ClockModRecovery, and flash them.

9 thoughts on “New radio firmware for GT-i9305T with CM10.1”

  1. Which app did you use to check the culprit of the battery drain?
    I, too, have a GT-i9305T and it SUUUUCKS battery all the time, but it doesn’t show what’s really using it in the battery usage thing in android.

    I’m about to follow your guide to Root/CM10.1 on here, as my CM10.1 i9100T has been my phone of choice because it actually lasts through the day!

    1. I’ve been using BetterBatteryStats for checking that. In particular, I noticed that the mdm_hsic_pm0 wakelock was very high, and was holding the phone awake for almost the entire time it was unplugged, resulting in the battery running out of power very quickly.

      Since I installed the radio firmware above, and since I enabled national data roaming and international data roaming (make sure you understand the consequences of doing this!), I haven’t had a single incident of the phone’s battery spontaneously dying overnight. It’s been working great, and the battery has been lasting for long periods of time.

      EDIT: Just noticed that the autolink creation left a blank link! That’s why you missed it! Fixed it above.

      1. For some reason my reply didn’t save last time, ended up with a 504 timeout.

        I missed the app you used for checking battery-sucking processes, but either way I’m now using CM10.1 after taking a while to realised that CWM was being wiped on reboot before installing, oops!

        I’ve done some tests with the various modems for the i9305T in case it’s of interest to anyone:

        Modem Download Upload Ping Signal Strength Network Type
        DVBME1 38.46 Mbps 23.03 Mbps 164 ms -82dBm 58 asu LTE:13
        UBBMB2 48.79 Mbps 19.62 Mbps 39 ms -80dBm 60 asu LTE:13
        DVALI5 49.94 Mbps 19.94 Mbps 39 ms -77dBm 63 asu LTE:13
        DVBLL3 50.40 Mbps 20.46 Mbps 39 ms -77dBm 63 asu LTE:13
        UBALK2 51.48 Mbps 23.08 Mbps 38 ms -77dBm 63 asu LTE:13

        Not sure how useful these results really are, but I’ll be trying UBALK2 for a while to see how the battery life is.


  2. Hi James, I must have missed what app you mentioned in that comment. Either way thanks for your article. Battery has been so much better thanks to your advice. It took me a while to get CM10.1 installed because I hadn’t realised that CWM was being wiped by the ROM on reboot (and my phone wasn’t entering CWM at the time).

    Either way I’ve done a few quick speed tests (just using app) in case it was of interest to others. This is using the various modems posted in the XDA article. Using Telstra 4G service on Galaxy S3 4G (i9305T):

    Time Modem Download Upload Ping Signal Strength Network Type
    2:41pm DVBME1 38.46 Mbps 23.03 Mbps 164 ms -82dBm 58 asu LTE:13
    2:48pm UBBMB2 48.79 Mbps 19.62 Mbps 39 ms -80dBm 60 asu LTE:13
    3:17pm DVALI5 49.94 Mbps 19.94 Mbps 39 ms -77dBm 63 asu LTE:13
    3:20pm DVBLL3 50.40 Mbps 20.46 Mbps 39 ms -77dBm 63 asu LTE:13
    3:23pm UBALK2 51.48 Mbps 23.08 Mbps 38 ms -77dBm 63 asu LTE:13

    All from my desk at work in Southbank (Melbourne CBD). I’m not exactly sure how conclusive this is, as I only did 1 speed test for each. But I’ll be trying UBALK2 for a while to see how it goes on battery.


    1. Hi there,

      The application I used was ‘BetterBatteryStats’. It’s not free, but it costs a trivial amount. It’s been really good for showing battery consumption stats.

      With the 504 Timeout you saw, I’ve seen a couple of people say they get that. I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of it – it might be happening during my database backups or something equally unlucky.

      Thanks for letting me know!

    2. Excellent, let me know how you go on the UBALK2. I’m still using UBBMB2, and I’ve only had one incident since I posted.

      1. I actually had an issue the other day where I wasn’t getting any signal, so I switched to DVALI5 (the stock Telstra from 4.1.1 ROM) and noticed battery drain returned.

        Switching now to UBBMB2 again, and I’ll leave it there for now.

        1. Interesting. I’ve just thrown on DVBME1 and turned off all the roaming stuff to see how this one goes. We’ll see this weekend if it goes crazy. I usually find that it gets upset when left on its own overnight at home – I’m wondering if this is because at home I only have 3G access and not 4G.

          One of my colleagues is using the same phone, same CM nightly, same provider, and doesn’t get the issue – but he lives in a 4G area, and our office is in a 4G area too.

  3. Hey all. Thought I’d post my thoughts on this wakelock. I’ve been experiencing it ever since I moved to CM roms on my I9305T from the stock Telstra rom. All the usual symptoms persisted (phone wouldn’t ever sleep which would result in a minimum of about 6% usage per hour with an average closer to 10%).
    Restarting the phone would result in a benefit for awhile, but, it never stuck for longer than a few hours.

    Now though, I seem to have found an answer (or at least, a solution that sticks for longer than a few hours). I downloaded the Playstore APK (version 4.1.10) from AP back when it was released, and it’s now simply a matter of reinstalling everytime I see the problem come up (which seems to be about every three weeks at the moment).

    In the meanwhile, I’ve linked a pic of my stats (out of BBS)
    That’s 2H43M with 30M screen on for only 13% usage 🙂
    The best I get in deep sleep (if I don’t touch it) is 0.8%.

    Anyway, if you want to give it a shot, the APK is here:

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