ARGUS-TV 2.1 with Shepherd for EPG

James Young · May 5, 2013

If you’re having trouble with the new ARGUS TV plugin messing up your EPG by it being off by an amount equal to your timezone, this can be corrected by running the following;

tv_grab_au --component-set augment_timezone:timeoffset=Auto

Once that’s run, when you go to fetch your EPG, do this instead;

env TZ="Australia/Adelaide" tv_grab_au

Assuming you’re in Adelaide, of course.  Substitute with whatever timezone is appropriate.  That forces Shepherd to embed your timezone into the XML timestamps, which makes ARGUS work properly again.  Otherwise Shepherd uses local time for its timestamps, whereas because no timezone is specified ARGUS assumes they’re in UTC, causing everything to be off by your timezone offset.

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