HT-FPV Frame Assembly – Part 2

James Young · July 5, 2012

Got the last (yeah, right) order of parts in for the new quadcopter!  As such I’ve finished assembly, up to the point where I’m ready to attach props and start the testing process (in these photos the props are just sitting on the adapters and not actually bolted on).

Assembled HT-FPV Frame (3/4 view)

The frame is designed to hold a GoPro camera up the front, hence why the battery is sitting so far off-center.  I have quite a large battery on it (5000mAh), and since I don’t have a GoPro, I instead attached some ballast.  That ballast comes in the form of a roll of old solder that happens to be the right weight (200 grams).  Ideally, when I get a GoPro I shouldn’t need to adjust the center of gravity at all.

The TM1000 telemetry module is visible just behind the solder roll, and its antenna runs alongside the landing gear on the left side of the quad.  The AR8000 receiver is attached on top of the HT-FPV top-plate.  I currently only have six of the channels connected though.  You can see the power select jumpers on the APM2 Adapter board in there too.  The satellite receiver is attached to the front right landing gear leg with some double-sided tape and a zip-tie.

Assembled Frame - Top View

The telemetry radio is visible in this shot on back left leg.  It’s position is such that it’s far away from the receiver and not in a position where it might obstruct a propeller.  I know that having landing gear on a HT-FPV offends people’s sensibilities, but I tend to be a rough lander and I fly on often wet grass.  So I really want landing gear.  Due to the balancing of the center of gravity, I should probably push the skids back a bit further.

There’s a bit of free space under the battery, that is likely where I’ll install any FPV transmitter equipment I get.

Next up, pre-flight checks and test flight.  Hopefully the weather will hold out for the weekend.

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