APM2 Board Adapter

James Young · July 5, 2012

I received my APM2 Board Adapter boards last week, and have now attached them to my HT-FPV frame.

APM2 Board Adapter
Attached to HT-FPV middle plate

The board came back from Osh Park exactly how I wanted it.  Fits perfectly, although I noticed that ESC inputs 1-2 obstruct access to the USB port on the APM2.  That’s no problem, because for a quad you can just use inputs 5-8 (as I’ve done in the shots.  Attachment was done with various nylon washers and nylon M3 screws.

I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out, looks good and it does the job nicely.  I’ve got two spares, don’t know what I’ll do with them though…

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