HT-FPV Frame Assembly Part 1 – Photos!

James Young · June 22, 2012

I forgot to attach photos to my last blog about the HT-FPV frame!

Assembled frame, topplates removed

Above is the assembled frame, with the topplates removed.  In this shot, the power distribution board hasn’t been added, but the assembled arms are on the frame.  The blue heatshrink-wrapped things are the Hobbyking F-30 ESCs.  The motors are the Turnigy 2217-16’s.  For connectors I’ve used Hobbyking’s shrouded 3.5mm banana plugs.  They make a good tight fit.  Notice how the servo lines from the ESCs are supplied with a ferrite choke.

Motors with cut-off shafts

Above is the motors, with the ends of the shafts cut off.  I simply used a pair of bolt cutters - don’t hold onto the motor when you cut otherwise you might bend the shaft.  After cutting, I put them on the laser balancer, and they all appear to be fine with minimal adjustment.

Power distribution & Attopilot

Regretfully I forgot to take a photo of the Attopilot before heatshrinking it.  In the green heatshrink is a 90A Attopilot, used for current and voltage sensing.  That then attaches to the power distribution board.  Due to the length of the ESC cables, I had to attach small 3.5mm banana plug leads to the distribution board, unfortunately.  I was hoping I’d be able to solder the ESCs directly to it.

Power distribution installed onto bottom plate

The power distribution board is attached in this view.  Coming up through the middle is the sensor cable for my TM1000 telemetry module, and the current/voltage sensor cable for the Attopilot (current is white, voltage red, ground black).  Everything fits, although it was a bit dodgy with the large banana plug connectors.

Plates with APM Adapter mockup in view

The printout is a mockup of the APM Adapter board I’m having manufactured.  As you can see, it fits.  I had to shift some of the spacers that connect the very top plate in order to free up the 60x60mm holes.

At the moment the HT-FPV is sitting aside waiting for the APM Adapter to arrive.  Once that turns up, assembly can start in earnest!

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