BusPirate Breakout Board

James Young · May 20, 2012

The BusPirate Breakout Board is a tiny little board which is intended to break out the BusPirate pins into a set of standard pins for easy reference and use.  It’s a great little board. 

BusPirate Breakout Board (design by Schaeps)

Original board design was by a DangerousPrototypes user named Schaeps.  I ordered one to be manufactured by BatchPCB, and I wound out getting six of them (!).  Anyway, the board is very easy to assemble, and works very nicely;

Assembled Breakout Board

The jumper changes the VCC pins on the breakout to be either 5v or 3.3v.  Mostly the part I was interested in is the SPI output, which is compatible with a normal ICSP programmer cable for Atmel microcontrollers.  Absolutely perfect for what I want it for.

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