Raspberry Pi, Delivered!

James Young · April 26, 2012

Today, my Raspberry Pi rocked up!  I’m pretty happy that I did actually get in the initial batch, since it turned out that Farnell only got half of the Pi’s, and RS didn’t send any of their 5000 to Australia.  So only a small number actually got out to the Great Southern Land, and it turns out that one of them is mine.  Happy days!

Haven’t done too much with it yet.  I ran out and bought a pair of cheapo class 4 2Gb SD cards, and the the Fedora 14 Remix on one, and OpenElec on the other.

Fedora is easy to set up, drives like normal Fedora.  Turns out though that a 2Gb SD card may be a bit small, and class 4 is hell slow when writing, so I reckon I’ll go out and get a decent class 6 or something (there’s problems with class 10 cards) in 4Gb.

OpenElec boots up and works pretty much straight off the bat.  I had some trouble with audio on playback, and also with stopping it playing back, but considering it’s a very early beta, that’s not unexpected.  But it works, which is a great achievement for something that’s as big as a credit card and costs AU$38.

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