Raspberry Pi – Missed Out

Bah.  I ordered a Raspberry Pi from Element-14 on the release day, but it looks like now it’s about time I gave up hope.  I’ve most likely missed out on the first batch.  Oh well.

Here’s hoping the next batch won’t be too far away.  In the meantime, I’m thinking of ordering myself a STM32 VL Discovery from Element-14, to get started on ARM programming and do some experimentation.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi – Missed Out”

  1. Not a bad find. The STM32F4 isn’t currently available from Farnell in Australia though, but I’ll definitely consider grabbing one of those when I need another. Cheers!

  2. Got myself an STM32 Discovery off Farnell, and set up a basic toolchain with it. Haven’t had much time to mess about with it though.

    HOWEVER! I just got news from Farnell that my Raspberry Pi has been shipped! Haven’t got it yet, but I should get it on Thursday.

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