Arduinoven – Boards Received!

James Young · August 22, 2011

Yesterday, I received my delivery of my Arduinoven boards from MakePCB.  Package arrived slightly under a month from when I ordered it, and I got a nice surprise - I’d ordered one, but I was sent three!

All look in good condition, with no visible manufacturing defects (besides a small scratch on the ground plane soldermask during shipping, and a hair lodged in the mask somewhere, but that doesn’t matter).  The fiberglass board is thick and heavy, and the mask itself looks of good quality.  The milling is precise and clean, and the silkscreen is showing up all the detail very well.  The size is just right to fit inside the Sparkfun Project Case (and it does actually fit, which is a relief).

Topside of completed v1.0 board
Underside of completed v1.0 board

Now what remains is to check the board over carefully with a multimeter for any manufacturing defects, and then the moment of truth - assembling components onto the board and hoping I didn’t mess up my design somewhere…

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