Remaining parts (mostly) arrived!

James Young · May 23, 2011

Received the bulk of the remaining parts yesterday, so now I’ve got my motors, ESCs, and props.  What I wound out getting was;

And a few other sundries (battery tester, ESC config card).  I bought a lot of propellors (30 in total!) because I’m anticipating breaking off a lot, and those ones are dirt cheap.  I’ll get the better APC 10x4.7 SF’s later, once I’m not smashing off props all the time.

I ordered a few spare motors, and I’m glad I did - one of the motor accessory packs is missing the mounting screws for the X motor mount!  I may not turn out needing that, I need to do something thinking about how I’m going to mount the motors to the arms.  What I’m thinking of doing is mounting the motor directly to the arm, but that carries with it the risk of bending the motor in a crash.

What I’m waiting for now is the bullet connectors I ordered.  The motors come with bullets, but I also ordered some protected bullets which come in a frame that holds 3 or 2 together, to avoid instances of motors being plugged in the wrong way around.

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