Ouch. DSL out for 10 days…

James Young · May 3, 2011

Last millenium, TODAY!

Last week, I applied to have my current ADSL2+ line converted over to Naked DSL.  This is because I have a VoIP-capable DSL modem, and I’m sick of paying high monthly rental on a landline I don’t use a whole lot.  I was also informed that a change in Australia’s draconian telecommunications rules means that I could get my line changed from ADSL2+ to Naked ADSL2+ without losing my port.

Fantastic.  So I put in the app.  I was advised there would be an interruption while the conversion was done, and my DSL went down Tuesday afternoon.

Today I get an SMS telling me that my new Naked DSL service won’t be provisioned until the 12th, and should be available on the next business day.  Ten days outage.  For something that fundamentally shouldn’t require a hardware change (I’m not changing providers, I’m not changing line type, all they should need to do is to pull the PSTN interconnect from my DSLAM).  Oh, and my current ADSL plan is ticking down its renewal period while I can’t use it.  I can apparently apply for a refund/extension after the new service is put in place.

Ouch.  There might be something I’m missing that makes this hard, but from the face of it it seems a bit off.

At any rate, looks like I’m going to be stuck on dialup for a while, hence the pre-millenium technology on display on the pic above.

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