Partial Modlist for Valhelsia 2

AIOT Botania Akashic Tome Apotheosis Aquaculture 2 Archer’s Paradox Atum 2: Return to the Sands Bonsai Trees 2 Botania Botany Pots Buzzier Bees CC: Tweaked Chicken Chunks Comforts Cooking for Blockheads Create Dark Utilities Druidcraft Ensorcellation Essentials Flux Networks Forbidden and Arcanus Immersive Engineering Industrial Foregoing Lightest Lamps Macaw’s Bridges/Doors/Roofs/Trapdoors/Windows Mekanism Minecolonies Mining Gadgets Miner’s Helmet Nature’s Compass OpenBlocks Elevator Powah! Psi Refined Storage RFTools Silent Gear Silent’s Mechanisms Simple Storage Network Solar Flux Reborn Storage Drawers Structurize Tool Belt Torchmaster Useful Backpacks Waystones XNet