MC Eternal Tips and Tricks


Key Mechanics and Items

  • Genetics - Dramatically reduces grind and simplifies bee breeding in Forestry
    • Genetic Imprinter
    • Genetic Sampler
    • Genetic Transposer
    • Genetic Replicator
    • Advanced Mutatron
  • Industrial Apiary

Career Bees

Key Mechanics and Items

  • Energy Bee
  • Armorer Bee
  • Sharpener Bee

Graduate Bee

graph LR; Forest --> Common; Meadows --> Common; Common --> Cultivated; Meadows --> Cultivated; Common --> Bookshelf{Bookshelf}; Cultivated --> Bookshelf{Bookshelf}; Bookshelf --> Student; Student --> Graduate; Common --> Graduate;

The Graduate Bee is the foundation of most of Career Bees. The Cultivated Bee can be derived a number of ways, I’ve just shown one of the ways. This bee comes with a key effect - Retraining. You will need to have that effect available to restore the Career Bees effects to bees that you’ve created with Gendustry, at least until you have the Effect allelles.

In order to use Retraining, place a Flowering Pedestal inside the territory of an active hive with a Graduate Bee.