ATM3R Modlist

This list was completed for ATM 1.5.2. I’ve attempted to categorize mods somewhat to narrow down some interesting choices to look at.

Mods with links are mods where I either have or intend to record some notes about them. Mods in bold are mods that I thought were particularly noteworthy for my playthrough.

Major Pack Mods

These are the heavy hitters - mods with complete progression systems, huge numbers of machines and other integrated stuff. I haven’t included every one (I left out Refined Storage for example), focusing on the set that I think is most relevant to learn about and get a handle on, at least in part.

Worlds/Dimension Mods

These create entire dimensions with their own gameplay and such.

Mod Name Notes
Advanced Rocketry Rockets, Moon landings, planets
Aroma1997’s Dimensional World Adds the Mining Dimension
The Betweenlands Alternate dimension and a new Survival progression experience
Twilight Forest Alternate dimension with its own progression and boss experience

Kitchen Sink Mods

These add a wide variety of all sorts of stuff, sometimes with a theme, sometimes not, but are powerful / useful enough to be key.

Mod Name Notes
Actually Additions Drills, utility machines etc
Cyclic Many various helpful blocks and stuff
Dark Utilities Various utility blocks
Draconic Evolution Powerful end-game gear and machines
Extra Utils 2 Miscellaneous extra blocks
Random Things Kitchen sink mod with various things
Reliquary Various magical items and equipment

Magic System Mods

Mods which are fairly complete ecosystems with a magical bent. These will usually have their own progression, and they are often much more self-contained than the Tech Systems mods below.

Mod Name Notes
Astral Sorcery The magic of the stars. Has rituals, telescopes and such
Blood Magic Magic system using rituals, blood rites and alchemy
Botania Nature Magic. Has a lot of features revolving around flowers working magical effects
Electroblob’s Wizardry Wizard towers, spellbooks, wands and such
Psi Has a magic spell system based on programming and logic
Roots Magic of the Earth, has rituals and spells for growth and farming
Thaumcraft 6 Highly detailed magic mod with golems, crafted spells, backfires etc
Wizardry Magic mod with crafted spells

Tech System Mods

Mods which are fairly complete ecosystems with a technology bent. These usually integrate with other mods, and often lean towards ore processing, power generation and automation systems.

Mod Name Notes
Applied Energistics 2 Digital Storage, item/fluid transport and autocrafting
Ender IO Machinery, resource conduits and redstone logic
Immersive Engineering Detailed tech mod with progression system
IndustrialCraft 2 Many electrical machines for various purposes
Industrial Foregoing Tech focused on ore processing and the Laser Drill
Mekanism Tech focused on factories, ore processing and the Fusion Reactor
OpenComputers LUA-coded computers, drones, robots
Pressure Pipes Extremely high throughput pipe system for fluids
ProjectRed Redstone controls and logic circuits
RFTools Machines for many purposes. Shield generators, quarries, dimension builders etc
Steve’s Carts Make specialized carts for automating activities
Thermal Expansion Machinery and automation
Xnet Item logistics mod with conduits and pipes

Resource Production Mods

Mods which provide much functionality around resource production / collection, power generation and so-on. Other mods will also have this kind of functionality, but these mods specialize in it.

Mod Name Notes
Advanced Generators Powergen and steam turbines etc
Bonsai Trees Miniature tree farming blocks
Environmental Tech Void miners, solar arrays and other tech
Extreme Reactors Nuclear reactors for powergen
Forestry Adds tree-keeping, bee-keeping, and lots more
Mystical Agriculture Farm crops for resources
NuclearCraft Nuclear reactors and other high tech stuff
Woot Create factories for farming mobs, server friendly

Tools and Gear Mods

Mods which provide some kind of critical, important or powerful gear, block or capability - but are more focused in purpose than a kitchen sink mod.

Mod Name Notes
ActuallyBaubles Magnetizing rings, potion rings, bauble batteries
Backpack Craftable, wearable backpacks
Baubley Heart Canisters Bauble and parts for greatly increasing health
Better Builders Wands Wands for helping build faster
Building Gadgets Gadgets for mass block placing/removing
Compact Machines 3 Put many machines inside a single block
Ender Storage Remotely linked storage chests
Hooked Grappling hooks!
Morph-o-Tool A multi-purpose wrench, hammer etc
Nature’s Compass Biome Finder
Not Enough Wands Adds various utility wands
Overloaded Expensive and powerful end-game items
Simply Jetpacks 2 Jetpacks!
Storage Drawers Blocks for holding large amounts of a single item
Superior Shields Energy shields
Thermal Innovation Fluxbores/saws, magnets, potion quivers and such
Tinker’s Construct Tinker’s Construct customizable weapons
Wireless Charger A wireless, upgradable charger for RF items in inventory
Redstone Arsenal Adds powerful RF powered equipment

Modules and Integrations for Major Mods

These are subcomponents for Major Mods above, which integrate them with other mods or provide expansions and so-on.

Modules/Expansions for Major Mods

Additional modules / expansions for major mods.

Base Mod Module Notes
Applied Energistics 2 AE2 Stuff Adds some critical blocks to AE2
Applied Energistics 2 Extra Cells 2 Adds some important blocks to AE2
Applied Energistics 2 WirelessCraftingTerminal Wireless terminals for AE2 and RS
Applied Energistics 2 WirelessFluidTerminal Wireless terminals for AE2 and RS
Applied Energistics 2 WirelessInterfaceTerminal Wireless terminals for AE2 and RS
Applied Energistics 2 WirelessPatternTerminal Wireless terminals for AE2 and RS
Ender IO EnderIO Endergy High-end conduits and gear for EnderIO
Environmental Tech ET Lunar Adds lunar arrays for night-time powergen to ET
Forestry Binnie’s Mods Extensions to Forestry for more bees/trees etc
Forestry Career Bees Forestry addon that extends bee types
Forestry Gendustry Addon for Forestry for industrializing parts of it
Forestry Magic Bees Magical bee species expansion for Forestry
Immersive Engineering Immersive Petroleum Adds oil wells, pumpjacks and other petroleum things to IE
Immersive Engineering Immersive Tech Adds steam turbines, solar towers and such to IE
Mekanism Generators Power generators for Mekanism
Mekanism Tools Tools for Mekanism
Mystical Agriculture Mystical Agradditions Extensions for Mystical Agriculture
OpenComputers Computronics Adds peripherals to ComputerCraft and OpenComputers
ProjectRed Compat Compatibility for Project Red to other mods
ProjectRed Fabrication Construction machines for ProjectRed
ProjectRed Integration Shrink down redstone logic to tiles
ProjectRed Lighting Lights and such for ProjectRed
ProjectRed Mechanical Expansion and transport for ProjectRed
ProjectRed World Ores and worldgen for ProjectRed
RFTools Control Automation for RFtools
RFTools Dimensions Dimension Generators for RFTools
RFTools Power Power generators for RFTools
Thermal Expansion Cultivation Watering cans
Thermal Expansion Dynamics Itemducts, fluiducts, viaducts etc
Thermal Expansion Foundation Basic materials and tools for Thermal Expansion
Thermal Expansion Logistics Logistics pipes, automation for machinery
Tinker’s Construct Armory Expansion Adds tools and armor parts for other materials
Tinker’s Construct Construct’s Armory Armor pieces for Tinker’s Construct

Integrations for Major Mods

Mods which provide integration points to get them to interact with other mods. Integrations that go across huge numbers of things aren’t listed here, and are just ‘part of the pack’ in the Library Mods section.

Mod 1 Mod 2 Integration Name Notes
Applied Energistics 2 Compact Machines Capability Adapter Allows AE2 cable to pass into Compact Machines
Industrial Foregoing Various Integration Foregoing Integrated Industrial Foregoing with other mods
OpenComputers Actually Additions Actually Computers Integration for ActuallyAdditions and OpenComputers
OpenComputers RFTools rftpwr_oc Integration for OpenComputers and RFTools
OpenComputers Thaumcraft 6 ThaumicComputers Integration for OpenComputers and Thaumcraft 6
OpenComputers Tinker’s Construct tinkersoc OpenComputers integration for Tinker’s Construct machines
Thaumcraft 6 Various thaumicperiphery Integrations for Thaumcraft with Botania, and other upgrades
Tinker’s Construct Various Adds materials from other mods into TiC  
Tinker’s Construct OreExcavation OEIntegration Integration for OreExcavation into Tinker’s Construct
XNet Various YNot Adds cross-mod compatibility for XNet

Library and Non-Interactive Mods

These are mods which you don’t actually interact with, but which supply functionality to other mods, fix problems or somesuch. A lot have just ‘Library mod’, because that’s what they are. A library used by one or more mods.

Mod Name Notes
AE2WTLib AE2 Wireless Terminal Library
AIImprovements Improves mob AI to be kinder to servers
AppleCore Food/hunger API
AppleSkin HUD for AppleCore
Aroma1997Core Core library for Aroma’s mods
atmtweaks Various tweaks for the ATM Modpack
AttributeFix Adjusts caps for certain attributes such as armor etc
AutoRegLib Library mod
base Library mod
Baubles Adds bauble functionality
bdlib Library mod
BetterAdvancements Improves the advancements UI/UX
BetterFps Has some FPS improvements
BetterThanMending Improves the Mending enchantment
bloodylib Library mod
Bookshelf Library mod for many other mods
Born In A Barn Bugfix for villagers and chunkloading
BrandonsCore Library mod
ClientTweaks Various quality of life fixes
Clumps Bundles together many XP orbs to reduce lag
CraftingTweaks Adds buttons to the crafting tables to make them better
CraftTweaker2 Customizes mods with a simple scripting language
Chameleon Library mod
classicbar Updates health bars etc to look better
CodeChickenLib Library mod
CoFHCore Library mod
CoFHWorld Library mod
CommonCapabilities Library mod
compatlayer Compatibility layer for old mods
ContentTweaker Library mod for tweaking recipes
Controlling Better keybinding management
CTM Allows connected textures
Cucumber Library mod for Mystical Agriculture and others
CustomBackgrounds Change the background of the MC menu
CustomMainMenu Customizes appearance of main menu
CyclopsCore Library mod
DefaultOptions Delivers default options on updates
diethopper Fixes some collision box issues with hoppers
DiscordSuite Feeds rich info to the Discord client
ElecCore Library mod
EnderCore Library mod for EnderIO
environmentalcreepers Modifies how creepers explode
FastFurnace Makes furnaces work better
FastWorkbench Makes the workbench work better
fencejumper Allows players to jump fences
foamfix Library mod for optimizing Java heap usage
Forgelin Library mod
ForgeMultipart Library mod
FTBLib Library mod
FTBUtilities Utilities for server administration
FTBUtilitiesBackups Backs up your world on a schedule
Guide-API Library mod for making guides
Guidebook Library mod for making guidebooks
iChunUtil Library mod
ieclochecompat Compatibility mod for the Garden Cloche with other seeds
incontrol Regulates mob spawning rules
IndustrialWires Adds extra wire types for IE
infinitylib Library mod
InitialInventory Allows customizing the inventory players start with
InventoryTweaks Inventory management and sorting GUI
JAOPCA Ore processing compatibility for many mods
JAOPCAAdditions Ore processing compatibility for many mods
JAOPCAAgriculture Mystical Agriculture compatibility for JAOPCA stuff
jeibees Bee integration into JEI
jeiintegration Other integrations for JEI
jei Shows a drillable interface for all possible items and recipes
justenoughdimensions Library mod for dimension registration
JustEnoughEnergistics Fixes some stuff with AE2 integration with JEI
JustEnoughPetroleum JEI support for Immersive Petroleum
JustEnoughReactors JEI support for Extreme Reactors
JustEnoughResources Shows mob drops, dungeon loot, ore spawn info in JEI
kjlib Library mod
KleeSlabs Allows breaking only half of a double slab
librarianlib Library mod
LibraryEx Library mod
LibVulpes Library mod
lostsouls Modified mob spawning for lostcities
LunatriusCore Library mod
malisiscore Library mod
Mantle Library mod
matc Adds crafting crystals to Mystical Agriculture
mcjtylib Library mod
modnametooltip Shows the mod an item comes from in the tooltip
Modpack Configuration Checker Library mod to verify modpack is set up right
modtweaker Recipe tweaker
moreoverlays Shows chunk boundaries, light levels etc with F7/F9
Morpheus Sleep coordination for servers
MouseTweaks Tweaks how mouse dragging etc of items works
mpbasic Library mod for modpack authors
MPUtils Library mod for modpack authors
MrTJPCore Library mod
MTLib Library mod
mysticallib Library Mod
NoMobSpawningOnTrees As it says on the tin
NotEnoughIDs Expands available block IDs
Nutrition Vary your diet for bonuses
OpenModsLib Library mod
p455w0rdslib Library mod
packcrashinfo Provides extra info when the pack crashes
packmode Enables pack modes in the modpack (eg, expert and such)
parry Parry projectiles with a shield
Patchouli Library mod
phosphor Library mod for optimizing lighting
Placebo Remaps shapeless recipes to shaped for better performance
ProjectIntelligence Documentation system
QuickLeafDecay Makes leaves decay fast when trees are cut
randompatches Various fixes for MC
randomtweaks Various misc. tweaks for MC
reauth Permits logging back in again without exiting MC
RebornCore Library mod
RedstoneFlux Library mod
ResourceLoader Library mod for Custom Main Menu
ShadowMC Library mod
SplashAnimation Makes a splash animation on modpack start
stg Allows attacks to go through grass
Storage Drawers Extras Make storage drawers from other kinds of wood
Tatw Energy conversion library
tc6aspects4jei Display Thaumcraft aspect info in JEI
tesla-core-lib Library mod
ThaumicInventoryScanning Allows the Thaumometer to scan objects in inventories
ThaumicJEI Integration for Thaumcraft with JEI
theoneprobe Advanced tooltip
tinkersjei Adds Tinker’s material info into JEI
TinkerToolLeveling Allows TC tools to be levelled up, adding modifiers
Toast Control Control what toasts pop up
topaddons Added functionality for The One Probe
UniDict Unifies recipe output between many different mods
unloader Unloads unused dimensions
valkyrielib Library mod
WAIM Shows better info when a mod is missing
WanionLib Library mod
worldprimer Run a set of command when a world is first created
WrapUp Library mod
zerocore Library mod

The Other Guys

Other mods in the pack I haven’t categorized any other way. There’s quite a lot of really cool stuff here, I just don’t know enough about them to categorize them as critical or otherwise, or there’s some other system I know more about that does a similar function.

Mod Name Notes
AgriCraft Breedable, mutatable crops
Akashic Tome A book of books, for holding guides etc
BiblioCraft Bookshelves, racks/cases, shelves and chest labels
Biomes O’ Plenty Adds many new biomes, trees and such
Bird’s Foods Adds many foods and ways of cooking them
Blockcraftery Framed blocks for aesthetic building (inc. slants!)
CC Tweaked ComputerCraft Rewrite - computers, turtles and so-on
ChatFlow Allows redirecting / capturing chat messages
ChickenChunks Chunk loading mod
Chisel Decorative block carving
Chisels And Bits Adds more chisels and bits
Cooking For Blockheads Kitchens, cooking and more
Cosmetic Armor Reworked Allows cosmetic armour to be worn
Culinary Construct Build up custom sandwiches and tacos from stuff!
Currency Money and vending machines
Deep Resonance RF Generators using resonating crystals
Embers Rekindled Dwarven Magic Mod
ExtraRails Extra types of minecart rails
Flamingo Adds a flamingo. Really.
Flat Colored Blocks Adds some flat colored blocks
Floralchemy Adds a flower which turns oil and fuels into mana
Funky Locomotion Advanced pistons and frames that can push more things
Integrated Crafting Craft things with Integrated Dynamics
Integrated Dynamics Machinery automation
Integrated Terminals Monitoring and control for Integrated Dynamics
Integrated Tunnels Tunnel config for Integrated Dynamics
Inventory Generators Inventory-held RF generators
Iron Chest Larger chests
JourneyMap Minimap and world mapping
LagGoggles Lag analyzer mod
Lost Cities Worldgen for abandoned cities
Malisis Doors Fancy doors, multiblock doors and so-on
Mob Totems Adds totems for AOE effects on mobs etc
MysticWorld Adds a lot of extra animals
NetherEx Adds biomes and other worldgen features to the Nether
OpenBlocks Varions blocks and such
OreExcavation Dig out entire veins with one hit
Plants Adds lots of different plants to worldgen
PneumaticCraft Repressurized Drones, lifts, elevators and such
PortalGun A portal gun. Really
Portality Customizable portals
Quark Kitchen sink mod with lots of varying blocks
Ranged Pumps Fluid pumps
RebornStorage Addon to Refined Storage for multiblock crafters etc
Refined Storage Network-based mass storage like AE2
Refined Storage Addons Wireless crafting grid for Refined Storage
Roguelike Dungeons Adds large multi-level dungeons to worldgen
Rustic Decoration and agriculture
Schematica Record schematics of structures
Soul Shards Respawn Create Soul Shards and Cages to make spawners
Corail Tombstone Gravestones, and a whole suite of death-related magic
Tech Reborn Machinery and tech mod, usually overshadowed by TE and Mekanism
Transport A couple of extra minecart tracks and loaders
Traverse Adds a bunch of biomes to worldgen
WaterStrainer Strainers to catch common items in water
Waystones Teleportation via magical waystones built and in villages
Wetstone A stone that behaves like a block of water, hydrating farmland
Worley Caves Massive, continuous caves in worldgen
XL-Food-Mod Adds lots of food sources and cooking
Xtones Decorative building blocks