Modded Minecraft 1.12.2 Early-Mid game tips and tricks

** Copied from Borg286’s excellent guide, for posterity **

Modded Minecraft 1.12.2 Early-Mid game

Feel free to add your own tips, or entire sections. Just type away.

*Status: Draft *

Author: borg286

Working on: Machines tier, and tagging tips with associated mod

This document is targeted at both beginners and veterans of Modded Minecraft. If you’ve only played vanilla see the next section below. If youre coming from 1.7.10 we have lots youll find familiar (decent trade), and lots thatll will get you excited to jump back in. Here are the major changes.

This document focuses on getting good bang for the buck. I’ll favor slimeslings over jetpacks due to the entry cost. I like to ask the question, but what does this let me actually do (Im talking to you Thaumcraft). Machines that open up further machines are less of a concern for me.

I also happen to be playing All the Mods, so if you find a tip that I haven’t tagged with the mod it comes from, sorry. This document is trying to work well for most mod packs.

How do I get into Modded Minecraft?

Historically, in modded Minecraft, installing mods used to be difficult and just for the tech savvy. But we’re in 2018, and modded Minecraft is big enough for easy solutions to exist. These solutions are called “Modpack Launchers”, and theyre basically alternate applications (which substitute or wrap around the Official Minecraft Launcher) that allow you to install and launch modpacks without having to mess with the files yourself (although, if youre used to modding on other games or just very tech savvy, you could very well mess with the files yourself to customize your experience, as none of these launchers stop you. But were not focusing on that here).

  • Windows/Mac: The Twitch App should recognize your Minecraft install and offer you a Mods tab. Browse for FTB Revelations, All the Mods 3, or other modpacks. Click Install and play.

  • GNU/Linux (Or Windows and Mac if you prefer a less guided and more manual approach to your modding experience): Download the modpack files from Curse and create an instance in MultiMC, selecting the Modpack from your files.

Early Game

Punching Trees

Starting off you’ll Punch trees and make vanilla tools like normal. Most modpacks add in lots of flora and tree types, which can clog up your inventory unless youre focused. Here are some tips to help keep your inventory and goal focused.

  • Flower basket [Biomes O’ Plenty]: Free up inventory from plantable things

  • Stone AIOT[Actually Additions]: Stone pickaxe, Sword, Hoe, Shovel, Axe all in one

  • Stone sickle[Extra Utilities 2]: Clear 5x5 of plants

  • Stone Hoe clears 3x3[Quark] and can till dirt which might spit out worms[Actually Additions] for hydrating/growing a farm

  • Crafting table on a stick[Actually Additions]: poor man’s wireless crafting terminal

  • What to hunt down:

    • Cobble, Wood,

    • Clay, gravel, sand (2 stacks each) for Tinkers Construct later

      • Rivers are the best place to hunt these.
    • Rubber wood[IndustrialCraft 2]: Just a couple blocksimage alt text

    • String from flax[Actually Additions] image alt text

    • Rice[Actually Additions]image alt text

    • Animal meat: Tinkers Construct lets you turn it into Leather; useful for backpacks.

  • Search high in mountains for AmaranthAstral Sorceryimage alt text

Your first hovel

[MineColonies] Supplyboat

image alt text

If you have [MineColonies] craft 5x boats -> Supply Boat (see image)

  1. Apply to shore to get your first base

  2. Build a dock with steps for easy access


Carve out a 9x9x6 tall room, with torches centered on each wall should be room enough to get you through to end game.

Consider making a Mob Filter(player) to replace your front door.


If after crafting your first bed you still have some wool then craft a Sleep charm[Dark Utilities] from a second bed, open inventory, click on circle to open baubles. Pop the charm in. Now sleep is instant.

image alt text

Sleeping Mat[Cyclic]: Portable bed which can toggle if you reset your spawn point

Waypoints and Teleportation

[Journey Map] (That map in the upper right) lets you set waypoints that are visible from anywhere so you never get lost.

  1. Move to a point you want to remember

  2. Type ‘j’ to open the Journey Map UI. Click the diamond at the bottom. Click New and give your current location a name and save it.

  3. If cheats are enabled you can click ‘teleport’ on any waypoint

Teleport home[?]

  1. Stand on a block higher than the normal ground floor. Destroy the block afterwards.

  2. Open the console with /

  3. /Home set

  4. This will set your current position as home. Next time you run ‘/home’ then you will be teleported back to that spot. Sometimes a half block lower, which is why you got higher when you set it.

Early Automation

Crafting Furnace[Terraqueous]

image alt text

This furnace has 6 slots for each of its inputs and outputs and cooks 2 items at a time. It also has 3 slots for fuel. It also keeps its place when fuel or items runs out, so no wasted fuel nor ores that waste fuel that almost was enough.

  1. Craft all the Grout for a Tinker’s Construct Smeltery later (doubles ore, makes alloys)

  2. Cook all your meat, wood and sand.

  3. Chunkloading

    1. Open the inventory and click on the friends button in the upper left. Shift click, then shift right click on chunks you want to always be running instead of freezing in time when you go away. This keeps machines working, and entities from despawning. F3+g shows chunk boundaries.


  1. Place your worms[Actually Additions] on flat ground. They till grass, water, and periodically bone meal a 3x3.

  2. Plant wheat for food

Ability: Gaining fast travel and Removing falling damage

  1. Craft Rice[Actually Additions] into Rice Dough, Craft 4 with a bucket of water to get Rice Ball

  2. 9 rice balls -> Slime cube -> Green slime balls -> Slime block

  3. 2 slime blocks + 2 slime balls = Slime boots

  4. 3 slime balls + 2 string + 1 slime block = Slimeslingimage alt text

  5. Take 20 Rice Dough before heading out to mine iron

Watering can[Extra Utilities 2]image alt text Right click on water to fill up, Right click on crops to water 3x3, albeit slowly

See optional Magical Crops quest if you’re into farming.

Leather and Food

Drying rack[Tinker’s Construct] are placed on walls and dry out meats.

By now your meat should be all cooked. To get leather hang cooked meat on the rack and wait

  • Cooked meat -> Leather

  • Zombie meat -> jerky (eat this instead)

image alt text

Increased inventory and flight

Home Inventory

Poor Man’s ME system

Storage crate[Actually Additions]: The small version has as much as 4 chests and doesn’t need open air above it.

Crafting station[Tinker’s Construct]: This has access to the inventory of an adjacent inventory like the above crate


  • This is like the crafting guide in a vanilla Crafting Bench, only better

  • Just Enough Items is the right pane of items when you open a crafting table or your inventory.

  • Use the search field to find items, clicking on them opens their recipes.

  • If your inventory, or when using a Crafting Station, the attached inventory JEI sees if you have everything you need and either makes a dark ‘+’ button (hovering over it highlights missing items), or a light + button. Clicking it pulls all needed items into the crafting grid.

  • For the advanced user you can use regular expressions.

  • Hovering your mouse over an searched item and pressing ‘t’ makes that item smoke in nearby chests. If it doesnt check the controls for the right key binding.

image alt text

  • Opening a vanilla chest you can search for items to highlight them [Quark]. Sadly other chests (crates,…) won’t get this. See Poor mans ME system below if you want to go this rout

image alt text

Personal Inventory

  • Click the Merge button[Quark] to drop off any matching items

  • Click the Export to drop off everything not in hotbar

  • Click the Re-stock button[Quark] to top up on matching items

image alt textimage alt text

  • [Quark] also adds a button to your personal inventory to drop off all non-hot-bar items. Holding sneak turns this into a merge function so chests that have at least 1 of that item can vacuum it from your inventory. Easy way to drop your stuff off when get home from a mining trip.

image alt text

  • Empty sack of holding[Cyclic] can pick up chests and crates w/o weighing you down like dollies did

  • Leather Backpack[Iron Backpacks]: Seems like equipping the backpack is often disabled, but can be right clicked to give you 2 more rows of inventory slots. Iron, Gold, and Diamond progressively upgrades them.

  • Digger’s Backpack[Forestry] passively holds Cobble, Dirt, Gravel, netherrack, Sand[stone], Clay, Flint

  • Flower Basket[Biome’s a Plenty] holds most seeds and saplings

image alt text

  • [Cyclic] lets you permanently add a crafting table and large chest’s worth of inventory slots by eating special food. Search for “Inventory Crafting Table” and Inventory Upgrade for the recipe. The most expensive items are Ender chest for the inventory upgrade, and a diamond and emerald for both upgrades.

Falling With Style: Elytra but different

  • Glider[OpenBlocks] image alt text(12 leather)

  • Right click to equip and jump off a ledge to glide. Sneak to go faster.

  • Unlike the Elytra, you need to keep it selected, and you can’t pull up

  • Later you’ll get a slimesling[Tinkers]image alt text to get altitude; no need for fireworks

[Optional] Magical Crops

  • Description of how magical crops works in 1.12 and what it can do

    • Entry with shards

    • Finite core

    • Master core

  • Greenhouse glass[Actually Additions]

  • Sprinkler[Cyclic]

  • Fertile soil[Rustic]

  • Worms[Actually Additions]

  • Fertilizer[Industrial Foregoing]

Tinkers Construct

  • Start by crafting 20 Blank Patterns

    • These are used to craft the tool benches and parts we need.

    • Search up Stencil Table, Pattern Chest, Part Builder, Part Chest, Tool Station in Jei and assemble them like below. Adding a Crafting station to the mix gives you access to all of them in one UI. The Stencil table must touch the Pattern chest for access, and so forth in the order above.

image alt text

Open any of these and start with the Stencil Table to make patterns. Store those in the pattern chest, Use the pattern to make parts. Use the Tool Station to assemble those parts into a tool. The tool station shows you what parts are needed for each tool. You can replace your parts later on, so know that your choice of material isn’t going to kill your future.

image alt textimage alt textimage alt text

  • Flint pickaxe with a bone handle, Wooden short bow with flint heads on the arrows

    • If going for Obsidian AIOT then don’t worry about the other tools for now.
  • Sharpening Kits are useful for restoring damage on the run. Whatever material you craft for your head, consider if you have enough for a kit, it costs 2 units of the base material. A cheaper alternative is to take a Tool Station with you in your backpack. This approach doesn’t work well in the heat of battle.

  • Most modpacks have Tinkers Leveling, which adds modifiers the more you use your tool. Read up on “materials and you” for more info on these awesome slots.

Tool Forge

4 iron blocks, sometimes it is any metal, just check JEI. If the latter the the mining dimension often has copper plastered on the surface.

Slime Islands

Slime Islands are high up in the air and come in 3 flavors: Green, Blue, and lastly Orange in the Nether.

If you think you’ll get into bows then be sure to take shears when you go up to take the leaves for fletchings. Fast leaf decay is going to be a bit annoying so youll need to be quick about getting the leaves. Take any saplings and some slimy dirt to plant it on. If playing on a server always replant for the next guy.

Take some slime blocks as they are useful for tools, especially the blue slime.

The nice thing about slime is that you can make great parts from the slime crystals (balls+dirt+sand and bake) that only need the Tool Station to make, not the smeltery.

Knight Slime

Once you have a smeltery and access to a purple slime island find the purple slime cubes and balls. Smelt with Iron and cobble. This material has very high durability and has the coveted Unnatural modifier. This modifier makes a higher than needed mining level contribute to a faster mining speed.

Great tools


Modifiers to care about

  • Unnatural (Knight Slime): Having a mining level beyond what’s needed increases your mining speed

  • Magnetic(Iron): Broken blocks are attracted to you. Fewer blocks wasted in lava, or along the sides of shafts

  • Momentum(Cobalt): The longer you use the tool w/o stopping the faster it goes.

  • Petramour(Ardite): Repairs itself from mining cobble

Pickaxes to build

  • Mid-game pickaxe: Knight Slime handle, Iron head, Slime binding with obsidian sharpening kit.

  • Late game pickaxe

    • Pre-water temple: Iron Binding, Cobalt head, Ardite handle; Modifiers: Nether star (soul bound), Diamond (durability and speed), Lapis (fortune 3), and Redstone (speed 1)

    • Post-water temple: Sponge handle (Silk touch, 1.2x durability), Prismarine Binding, Cobalt head; Modifiers: Nether Star(soul bound), Emerald(durability multiplier), Redstone (haste 2)


Modifiers to care about

Width++: Mines a 5x3 rather than a 3x3.

See pickaxes for other modifiers that matter for hammers

  • Mid-game hammer:

    • Non-slime island: Bone head, Bone Handle, Bone faceplate, Stone faceplate (top slot) for easy repairs

    • Slime island access: Blue slime handle, Green slime head and faceplates. 3k durability

      • Use either stone or obsidian + flint to fix up the mining level.
  • Late game hammer: Ardite handle, Cobalt Head and faceplates; Modifiers: Redstone (haste 2), Width++

    • Optionally replace the top faceplate with Iron to trade a bit of speed for magnetism and easier repairs.


Shurikens have low range, medium damage, but importantly have high rate of fire and lots of modifiers we can apply early on. It requires the Tool Forge, so must wait till you have 4 Iron blocks. It is easier on inventory and resupplying, as the material needed to repair is only needs to match the upper left material. Netherrack is a common material used to get levels out of it.

  • Mid-game shuriken: Nether

  • Late game shuriken


Bows come in 3 flavors: Short bow (available on day 1), Longbows and Crossbows, both of which require the Tool Forge. Short bow is the fastest rate of fire, Longbows maximize damage, and crossbows maximize accuracy. As with most tools redstone boosts the speed. Note Effects of bow material don’t bestow on ammunition, so optimize for speed on the bow, and effects for the arrow.

The damage to look out for on bow materials is the “bonus damage” rather than the base damage.

  • Mid-game bow: Magma limbs short bow

  • Mid-game arrow/bolt: Steel head, bone shaft, feather fletchings

  • Late game bow: Electrum limb Longbow, cobalt plate with max redstone

  • Mid-game arrow/bolt: End-rod shaft, Manyulin head, Purple slime fletchings


Modifiers to care about

Splintering: The more you hit, the harder you hit, up to a point.

Crude II: +10% damage vs. unarmored targets

Sacred(Bake rotten flesh+dirt+bonemeal): Nearly doubles damage vs. undead

  • Early-game Mattock: Flint axe head, bone shovel head, bone handle

    • Repairs with material from either head. Works as axe and shovel also. More damage than diamond sword
  • Late game Broadsword: Bone handle, Manyulyn wide guard and blade; Modifiers: Max Quartz (damage)

    • Optionally use Necrotic Bone for life steal, and Lapis for fortune (good when fighting wither skeletons.

Mining time: I has a bucket

image alt text

  • Before heading out take 3+ stone drums[Extra Utilties 2] (for lava), 10+ wood (for torches), 4 String, 2 Wool (for a miner’s backpack)

  • What ores should I focus on? What level should I mine?

    • Open Jei, Search for the ore, and open the World gen tab to see its spawn level.

    • Quartz[Embers] > black quartz[Actually Additions] >Certus Quartz[Applied Energistics 2]

    • Iron > Tin > Lead > Aluminium > Copper

    • Obviously grab all the Redstone, Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds you can find

  • Light: Tiny torches[Actually Additions] or stone sticks[Tinkers]

    • If you have lots of wood, split your coal into 8 tiny coal and make tiny torches

    • If you don’t then turn cobble into cobble sticks-> stone torches

  • Bucket

    • Make slime sling with the Rice dough you brought.

    • Fill up drums with lava

  • Mining Dimension[Aroma1997’s Dimensional world] (1 iron + flint + Stone bricks)

    • Head home and make portal to the Mining dimension. Be sure to be high enough else the portal opens underground. Continue your mining there
  • Miners backpack[Forestry] (2 iron + 4 string + 2 wool): Holds Apatite, Gold, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tin, Coal, Diamond, Emerald; Both ore and ingot form.

  • Chisel[Chisel]

    • Mostly decorative now, with a few exceptions: Chiseled quartz is useful for Atomic Reconstructor

    • TODO: Find more mechanically useful trades.

Must go deeper

image alt text

A Tinkers construct smeltery is a fast an easy way to get obsidian w/o getting diamonds first. You can make them as small as a 3x3, leaving only 1 block for smelting. Even at this small we can make Obsidian. If you’re low on Grout then use a seared window(5 glass + 4 seared bricks) instead of a Seared Tank(1 glass + 8 seared bricks).


Instead of making a diamond pickaxe, put water and lava into the smeltery drain with a bucket. They combine to form Obsidian. Pour out 25 blocks

Sharpening kit: An Obsidian sharpening kit upgrades the mining level of Tinkers Construct tools to Cobalt, the highest. That’s what were about to go get.

Aiot[Actually Additions] upgrade: An obsidian AIOT will serve long as your non-mining tool (Same damage as diamond sword)


Use 10 obsidian above to make a portal. If you didn’t make a smeltry but have lava then fall back to making a case

image alt text

Armor Up: Chestplate

The nether is more dangerous than you’re used to. Gouls, blazes outside fortresses, highly explosive creepers. Prepare with some armor. Here are some good materials to use for a chestplate. Be sure to take your slime boots, slimesling and hang glider if you have one.

Things to Collect

Get 8 blaze rods, nether quartz, Cobaltimage alt text, 5 arditeimage alt text, and a handful of magma blocks

My first Ender pearl

Lots of mods gate mid-tier machines on ender pearls. We’ll be able to make spawners later on, but bootstrapping into it all is a pain.

  • Be sure to have a hang glider and slime boots

  • Find either Plains or Desert during the night, look at an enderman to drag him to a relatively clear area, then drop down and duke it out.

  • TODO: see if spawner wand is cheap enough.

Machine tier

Note to veterans of Modded Minecraft from 1.7.10: most mods have been ported to 1.12, some key ones are still behind. Those will be listed below under a translation section

Tips on getting common components

Circuit chip, which is easiest

Most mod packs treat certain chips as equal. Which one to build comes down to preference. Do you want to frontload the investment in more machines to make the chips less expensive, or do you want to skip teching into a mod you’re not really into.

Low entry, medium cost per chip

Carpenter[?] block is built from x bronze and a little water and power to turn

  • 1 tin + 6 redstone -> Basic circuit board[?]

  • Craft that with 4 redstone + 2 glowstone + 2 lapis -> Advanced Circuit[?]

High Entry to get low cost per chip, Opens doors to fast automation

Mekanism requires X and Y machines, but can turn

  • 1 redstone + 8 iron -> 8 basic chips

No machines and no power, high cost per chip

IndustrialCraft2 only needs an ample supply of rubber

  • TODO: fill in with raw material requirements to make a basic and advanced chip


Quite a few mods are relying on plastic, which is a bit of a pain to get. Normally a Tree Extractor would eventually break the rubber block, but we can work around that by breaking and replacing it periodically.

Metal plates

The Forge Hammer can flatten a single metal ingot into its plate form.

Pulverized ores


General Power tips and tricks

Measuring RF

RFTools has a Network Monitor that has a checkbox to see RF/t going in/out of things on most power networks.

Converting EU to RF

Does anyone have any good advice here?

Bootstrapping generator

To bootstrap your first set of machines that help you build your first power supplier you probably want something that runs off of coal or wood and isn’t too expensive. The question boils down to efficient or high rating.

  • Survival Generator[?] creates X RF at 5 RF/t

  • Coal Generator[?] creates 36000 RF at X RF/t

  • Coal Generator[?] creates Y RF at Z RF/t

Good power setups

Solar Panel[Tech Reborn] 1024 RF/t per unit

  • Material Cost for setup: None

  • Material Requirements for 1st and any subsequent power units: 20 redstone, 4 glowstone, 4 lapis, 3 diamond, 7 glass, 14 iron, 4 copper, 10 tin, 16 coal

  • Material Requirements for Helper Machines: 12 copper, 5 tin, 17 iron, 6 redstone

  1. 14 bronze->Carpenter

    1. Make 2 Basic Circuit Board
  2. Basic Circuit Board + Laps + redstone + glowstone -> Advanced Circuit

  3. Forge Hammer

    1. 8 Iron Plate

    2. X Tin Plate

    3. X Bronze Plate

  4. 1 Basic Machine Casing

  5. Basic Circuit Board + Machine Casing -> Compresser[industrial Craft 2]

  6. 9 iron -> Hammer[Terraqueous]

  7. Hammer the Coal -> Dust -> Raw Carbon Fibre, Compress into Carbon Plate[industrial Craft 2]

  8. 2 x (Iron,Tin,Bronze plate) -> Mixed Metal Ingot[industrial Craft 2]

  9. Advanced Alloy[Industrial Craft 2]

  10. Advanced machine Frame [Tech Reborn]

  11. Reinforced Glass[Tech Reborn]

  12. 2 Diamond Dust + 3 Reinforced Glass + 2 Advanced Circuit -> Ultimate Solar Panel

Magmatic generator[Extra Utilities 2] 40 RF/t per unit

  • Material Cost for setup: 5 gold, 2 lava, 33 iron, 8 redstone, 2 Nickel, 1 lead, 8 obsidian, 8 blaze rods, 2 ender pearl, 9 Diamonds

  • Material Requirements for 1st and any subsequent power units: 5 gold, 1 lava, 9 iron, 8 redstone

  • Material Requirements for Helper Machines: None, Everything goes towards setup and generators.

  1. Obsidian + Diamond + Iron Pickaxes -> Ranged Pump[Ranged Pumps]

  2. 2(blaze rods + crucible + obsidian + ender pearl) -> 2 Ender tank[EnderStorage]

  3. Iron + redstone + lava + gold-> Magmatic Generator

  4. Iron + nicket -> Invar + lead -> Opaque Hardened Fluiduct

  5. In the Nether place Pump over lava

  6. Pipe output into Fluiduct and into an Ender Tank

  7. Ender Tank sits over a Magmatic Generator with the tank’s handle turned down

  8. Universal Pipe feeds RF back to the pump

  9. Bootstrap generator with a bucket of lava

  10. Place the other Ender Tank at home base to feed another magmatic Generator

  11. Add more generators as your power needs increase

Storing Power

Something something RFTools multiblock powercell

Something something Thermal Dynamics

Multidimensional Power

Something something RFTools multiblock powercell

Black Quartz[Actually Additions]


  • Lever

  • Atomic reconstructor

  • Generator

  • ?


  • Metalurgic Infuser



  • Grind copper + tin -> Bronze

  • Carpenter


  • Automating the smeltery

    • Transfer pipe[Extra Utilities 2] ores into smeltery

    • Redstone clock[Cyclic/Extra Utilities 2] to pour out ingots

    • Have your ores first in line, followed by cobble

    • Getting multiple drains working right is tricky

    • Consider neighboring dedicated smelteries so each can pour into basin.



Quarry time

You are going to have 1-2 main options for most mod packs. The Builder[?] with a Quarry card and the Digital Miner, both of which now take a Vertical Miner from Actually Additions.


The Builder takes cards that program the builder. The card we want is the Quarry card. There are 2 ways to define what to quarry. 1) Specifying the 2 corners of a cube, 2) Typing in the dimensions and offset from the builder. Option 2 is better for quarrying large quantities deep in the earth.

After inserting the card and providing power the Builder spits out anything not voided below itself. A small or medium crate will do fine, although an ender chest makes the Mining Dimension easier.

Teching to Builder Quarry

See Black Quartz for a walkthrough on obtaining a Vertical Digger

Using the Quarry card

Manual Option: With the Quarry card in hand shift right clicking on the builder, then walk to an aread you want quarried. Right click one corner, then walk to the other corner you want quarried and right click on that block.

Text Entry Option: Right clicking the Quarry card in the air lets you input the dimensions given in X Y Z order. If mining in the Mining dimension then the following coordinates results in a large flat cut at y=4.

TODO: Insert image here.

Hybrid method: Use the Manual option above, then open the card and tune the dimensions to your liking. Insert it back into the Builder and toggle the preview button. See below for the blue clouds as an example. When you’re happy with the horizontal position, then set the Y offset down to mine at the level you want.


Storage Filter Module[RFTools] allows you to filter for just the stuff you want, or filter out items that the Quarry card doesn’t have built in. Use the module and apply the block(s) you want to search for, then check the whitelist button.

TODO: See if whitelisting diamonds gets you diamond ore blocks.

image alt text

Digital Miner

The Digital Miner lets you create filters for ores, and pay for mining just those items. The range is limited to 100 blocks, so you may want to have wireless power and storage if you plan on mining lots from this machine

Teching to Digital Miner

See Black Quartz for a walkthrough on obtaining a Vertical Digger

Using the Digital Miner


Watch this tutorial

Filtering for rare gems: *Diamonds

Filtering for ores: ores*

Filtering for Iron, Quartz, and

Void Miner

Certain ores are only available with through physical mining or with the Void Miner. Many mods set up their gateways on these items forcing you to have teched up to a sufficiently high power level, and void miner level.

Items uniquely available to void mining

Teching to a Void Miner

Power requirements for the tiers

ME System

There are 4 main ways that people handle their massive storage needs

  1. [Storage Drawers] + External Storage[Refined Storage]/Storage Bus[Applied Energistics 2] + crafting terminal

    1. Pros: Cheap to expand and build, Low power consumption, accessible when power goes down

    2. Cons: Visual glitches when you get really big, No automation from true ME system

  2. Remote Storage[RFTools]

    1. Pros: Can be attached to existing chest layout, Cheap but finite wireless storage

    2. Cons: Buffered retrieval and UI takes some getting used to

  3. [Refined Storage]

    1. Pros: no need to hunt presses

    2. Cons: As expensive as an ME system normally is

  4. [Applied Energistics]

    1. Pros: Tried and trusted

    2. Cons: Meteors are still a pain to find and get into.

Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers can hold 1-4 items with 32 stacks max per block. When chained to a Drawer Controller all of their inventories can be used, but sadly not by a Crafting Station. Native use cases are right clicking on the controller sucks items that are already in drawers out of your inventory. But with a crafting terminal and External Storage we get access to all the items. Expanding storage means building out the drawers, often covering up existing faces. We need to provide a trickle of power to an energy acceptor on the ME network. The drawer controller has a max radius of 16 blocks; but you’ll hit rendering issues long before reading this limit. Covering up helps.

The big pro here is that you don’t have to invest into massive inscriber speed and materials for storage chips. You just need to get your feet wet into Refined Storage and youre done.

For storing massive quantities of items this solution can handle anything that can be compressed (cobblestone, metal ingots, redstone, lapis) using the Compressing drawer. Sadly non-compressible items need to go into a line of jabba barrels[JABBA] or Crates[Actually Additions].

I think a wireless terminal would work, though I haven’t tested it out yet.

Remote Storage

There are 3 main independent paths that Remote Storage works.

Wireless Crafting Tablet

This should be your first thing to do with an emerald and Enderpearl.

Storage Scanner

Remote Storage Unit

Refined Storage

Applied Energistics

Mob grinding tips

Poor Man’s mob grinder

The Fan[?] is an easy way to push mobs down a long drop. They only require a lever to power. Hoppers collect drops just as well as they did before. Filtering is much easier than vanilla. Creating a large platform is easy with Builder Wands.

Mid-game mob grinder

Wither grinder

Tips for guardian dragon grinding

Going nuclear

When solar or a fleet of magmatic generators fail to keep up with your demands here are some effective ways to get massive power.


Extreme Reactors

Teleporting options

Astral pedestal(?)

RFTools Teleportation System

Major changes for 1.7.10 veterans

Minefactory Reloaded -> Industrial Foregoing

Help anyone?

Big Reactors -> Extreme Reactors

Help anyone?

Applied energistics 2 -> Refined Storage

Help anyone?

Extra Utilities -> Extra Utilities 2

Help anyone?