DDSS Modlist

Modlist updated for DDSS Version 6.2

Mod Description
Actually Additions Drills, utility machines etc
Actually Baubles Baubles for some AA items
Additional Structures Adds a lot of structures to worldgen
Alchemistry Element fusion / fission to make new elements
Animania Extra animals and breeding mechanics
AppleCore Food/Hunger API
AppleSkin HUD for AppleCore
Applied Energistics 2 Digital storage / crafting
Artisan Integration  
Artisan Worktables Workbenches and artisan’s tools
ArchitectureCraft Fancy display blocks and railings etc
Aroma Core Core library for Aroma’s mods
Aroma Backup Scheduled world backups and so-on
Astral Sorcery Magic mod based on star power
Akashic Tome Adds a tome that holds multiple mod manual books
Athenaeum ???
AutoRegLib Vazkii’s mod library
Avaritia Very powerful, very late game items
B.A.S.E Library for other mods
Baubles Adds bauble functionality
BetterFPS Various FPS optimizations
Better Questing Provides questing API for other mods
Better Questing Questbook Provides the quest book
Better Questing Standard Expansion Various features for Better Questing
Better Questing Forestry Expansion Adds bee quests to the quest book
Bdlib Library used by several mods
BiblioCraft Bookshelves, racks/cases, shelves and chest labels
Binni Mods Extensions to Forestry for more bees/trees etc
Blockcraftery Framed blocks
Blood Arsenal Extensions to Blood Magic
Blood Magic Magic system of rituals and alchemy etc
Bookshelf Library mod for many other mods
Bonsai Trees Miniature tree farming blocks
Botania Magic system based around plants
Botanic Additions Extensions to Botania
Brandons Core Library mod
Career Bees Forestry addon that extends bee types
Crafting Tweaks Adds rotation/balancing/clear to crafting tables
Ceramics Various blocks and items based on clay
Chameleon Library mod
Chest Transporter Adds an item that can move chests (and mob spawners)
ChickenChunks Chunk loading mod
Chisel Decorative block carving
Chisel and Bits Adds more chisels and bits
Chunk Pregenerator Pre-loads chunk during worldgen
CodeChickenLib Library mod
CoFH Core Library mod for CoFH mods
CoFH World Library mod for CoFH mods
Common Cababilities Library mod
Compact Drawers Adds compacting drawers to StorageDrawers
ContentTweaker Library mod for tweaking recipes and such
Controlling Better keybinding management
CookieCore Library mod for Tinker’s Construct
Cosmetic Armor Reworked Allows cosmetic armour to be worn
Corail Tombstones Tombstones and graves on death
CraftStudio Library mod for a 3d modelling API
CraftTweaker2 Customizes mods with a simple scripting language
Connected Textures Mod Adds effects to resource packs
Cucumber Library mod for Mystical Agriculture and others
CustomStartingGear Customizes gear that players start the game with
Custom Main Menu Customizes appearance of main menu
CreativeCore Library mod for LittleTiles and others
Cyclic Bunches of miscellaneous blocks and machines
CyclopsCore Customize recipes via XML
Dank Null  
DefaultOptions Delivers default options on updates
DDSSUtils [special thx to dierke9!] Special utilities for DD&SS
Doomlike Dungeons Creates detailed dungeons for exploring
Draconic Evolution Late game powerful items and magic
Dungeon Tactics Armour, weapons, items, dungeons
DiscordCraft Feeds rich info to the Discord client
Dynamic Surroundings (Disabled) Disabled
Elulib Library Mod
EnchantingTable ???
Ender Storage Remotely linked storage chests
Enviromentaltech Void Miners and other multiblocks
EvilCraft Various dark-themed magic and brooms etc
Exchangers Tools which exchange blocks with your inventory
Extended Crafting Larger crafting tables (5x5, 7x7 etc)
Extra Alchemy Extra potions, potion bags, potion rings etc
Extra Cells Extensions to AE2 for Fluids and other things
Extra Planets Galacticraft extension for more rockets and planets
Extra Utilities 2 Miscellaneous extra blocks
Extreme Reactors Nuclear reactors for power generation
Farseek Library mod
Fast Workbench Library mod for optimizing workbenches
FastLeafDecay Causes leaves on cut trees to decay immediately
Foamfix Library mod for optimizing Java heap usage
Forestry Adds tree-keeping, bee-keeping, and lots more
ForgeEndertech Library mod
Forgelin Library mod
ForgeMultipart Library mod
Furniture Furniture mod for chairs, tables etc
FTB Utils Utilities for server administration
FTB Lib Library mod for FTB
Galacticraft Core Planet exploration mod
Galacticraft Planets Planet exploration mod
Galacticraft Tweaker Planet exploration mod
Gendustry Addon for Forestry for industrializing parts of it
Gendustry JEI Addon JEI integration for Gendustry
Giacomos Fishing Net Fishing Nets
Guide-API Library mod for making guides
Guidebook Library mod for making guidebooks
HammerLibCore Library mod for lots of stuff
Hooked Grappling Hooks!
Hunger Overhaul Changes hunger mechanics
Hunting Dimension Dimension and portal for hunting mobs and mob farming
HelpFixer Fixes the /help command
IceandFire Dragons, trolls, pixies, hippogryphs and so-on
Immersive Engineering Multiblock and other machinery
Industrial Foregoing Many machines and other technology
Integrated Dynamics Automation of machinery
Integrated Tunnels Tunnel configuration for Integrated Dynamics
Integration Foregoing Integrates Industrial Foregoing with other mods
Inventory Tweaks Inventory management and sorting GUI
Infernal Mobs Randomized abilities on mobs like in Diablo
Iron Chests Expansions for vanilla chests
JEHC JEI Integration for HarvestCraft
JEI Shows a drillable interface for all possible items and recipes
JER Shows worldgen stats for items in JEI
JEI Bees Bee integration into JEI
JEE JEI Integration for AE2
Journeymap Minimap and world mapping
JRFTL Convert 4 rotten flesh to prepared leather
Large Fluid Tanks Stackable fluid tanks
LibrarianLib Library mod
Llibrary Library mod
Loot tweaker Addon for CraftTweaker that tweaks loot tables
Loot Bags Randomized loot bags for rewards
LittleTiles Create art with sub-block mini blocks
Magic Bees Magical bee species expansion for Forestry
Malisis Core Library mod for Malisis Doors
Malisis Doors Fancy doors, multiblock doors and so-on
Mantle Library mod
Mcjtylib Library mod
Mekanism Machinery, generators, other technology
Mekanism Generators Power generators for Mekanism
Mekanism Tools Tools for Mekanism
Mekanism Ores Mekanism specific ores (Osmium etc)
MicdoodleCore Library mod
Minerva Library Library mod
MJRLegendsLib Library mod for ExtraPlanets
MobsPropertiesRandomness Randomizes some stats of mobs
Mod Tweaker Recipe tweaker
Mod Name Tooltip Shows what mod an item comes from on the tooltip
Moreoverlays Shows chunk boundaries, light levels etc with F7/F9
Moreplates Adds a lot of different metal plates to many mods
Mouse Tweaks Improvements to mouse clicking behaviour in inventories
Mowziesmobs Adds a number of hostile mobs
Morpheus Sleep coordination for servers
MrTJPCore Library mod
MTLib Library mod
Multimob Library mod for PrimitiveMobs
Mystical Agriculture Farm crops for resources!
Mystical Aggriditions Extensions
Natura Adds worldgen additions
Nature’s Compass Biome finder
NetherEx Adds biomes and many worldgen features to the Nether
NotEnoughID’s Expands available block IDs
Nuclearcraft Nuclear reactors and other high tech
Omlib Library Mod
OnlinePictureFrame Inserts internet images into images
OpenModularPassiveDefence Walls, spikes and other defenses
Openblocks Various blocks and such
OpenModsLib Library Mod
OpenModularTurrets Defensive turrets for your base
Overloaded Expensive and powerful end-game items
Pam’s Harvestcraft Seeds, plants, new foods
Pams’ Cookables Lots of cooking items
Phosphorus Library mod for optimizing lighting
Pickle Tweaks Tweaks to repairs, water cans etc
Placebo Remaps shapeless recipes to shaped for performance
PlusTiC Tinker’s Construct expansion and integration
Pneumaticcraft Repressurized Drones, Lifts, Elevators
Primitive Mobs Adds many new mobs to the world
Progressive Bosses Bosses get harder each time they’re killed
Project Red Base  
Project Red Compact  
Project Red Fabrication  
Project Red Integration  
Project Red Lightning  
Project Red Mechanical  
Project Red World  
Random Patches  
Reborn Core  
Reborn Storage  
Redstone Flux  
Refined Storage  
Refined Storage Addons  
Refined Avaritia  
Resource Loader  
Rockhounding Chemistry  
Rockhounding Core  
Roguelike Dungeons  
Simply Jetpacks 2  
Smooth Font  
Solar Flux Reborn  
Spice of Life Carrot Edition  
Special AI  
Stargate Networks  
Steves Carts  
Storage Drawers  
Storage Drawers Extras  
Storage Cabinet  
Sound Reloader  
TAIGA (Tinkers Alloy Addon)  
Tinkers Construct  
Tinkers JEI  
Tech Reborn  
The One Probe  
Thermal Cultivation  
Thermal Dynamics  
Thermal Expansion  
Thermal Foundation  
Thermal Innovation  
Tinker Tool Leveling  
Toast Control  
Tweaker Construct  
Twilight Forest  
Underground Biomes  
Useful Railroads  
Vanilla Fix  
V0id Backpacks  
Vies Craft  
Worley Caves  
Wireless Crafting Terminal  
Zero Core  
Zoesteria Biomes